Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Toy

A box came in the mail today...

and look who's inside the box! 8D

This here is Kimahri (from Final Fantasy). I won him in an auction on ebay. This toy usually goes for $150 too $200 but I won him at $61.80. wOOt! I've been after this one for a while now.

Man I'm gonna have fun with him ;D


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Winnar I Am Not

So me and my family went to the New Mexico State Fair yesterday. We did the normal stuff like take our family portrait at a photo booth, ate some fair food, saw the animals, etc. But the main reason we went down to the fair was to see if my "Red's" won any prizes. (see my previous post http://blueguynow.blogspot.com/2009/08/its-fair-time-almost.html )

Well, it didn't win anything. xD

It just hung there making the space look pretty.
My dad said I should try entering it again next year but I need to put it in the "Hispanic Arts section," rather than the "Non-professional arts" section. I think I will try it out but maybe with a different piece. We'll see.

At least it wasn't like the time I entered something back in 2008. I didn't win anything that time but the piece that won First Place was right next to mine. :V

Here are some other pics from the trip to the fair!

a view of Main Street featuring my little brother! (the little freak xD)

Some sheep getting judged.

Some mini horses! (I don't know what they're called xD)

Some normal sized horses. xD

Some members from Pojoque Pueblo doing the "Rain Dance."

And here's a shot of the Sandia Mountains near the end of the day.

Also, the mountains around my town got snow! D8

Its too early for snow! xDD

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cousin Gilbert

-Text Message from Unknown Caller @ 1:48 pm:

Hey cuz?

-BGN @ 1:50 pm:

I might be a cuz. Who's this?

-Unknown caller @ 1:51 pm:

This is Cody you ass

-BGN @ 1:54 pm:

Well, I don't know any Codys in my family so you must have the wrong number. xD

-Unknown Caller @ 2:03 pm:

This is Gilbert right?

-BGN @ 2:06 pm:

Nope. This is Vincent of Espanola, NM

-Unknown Caller @ 2:07 pm:

Oh my bad dude I thought this was my cousin

-BGN @ 2:11 pm:

Hey man no worries here. ; ) Hope you find him.


don't you just love wrong numbers?