Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the dark of night...

...BGN was drawing! xD

So here we have some doodles of superhero Vonce, The Mayor (Or NightMayor...Still working on a name xD). Drawing Mr. Fawks got me in the mood to try making Vonce into a super hero. I still don't know how is suit should be or look like, but I really like the skin-tight spandex-ish material xD (oh gosh, mayoral bulge LOOK AWAY ROC! xD)

So look out evil Todex. The Mayor is coming to stop you and your evil shark juice collecting ways xD


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nooking Around

So Mr. BGN got his hooves on a Nook.

My aunt let me borrow it while I help her out with her work.

Its a neat little thing. Not really much I can do on it other than surf the internet and check email...or read books (but I prefer to have a real/hard copy of a book). Can't draw on it like my laptop (unless theres an app for drawing out there somewhere).

I can sort of play CityVille but I can't see my city! D:< I remember I took a poll a few months back about playing a *watered down* mobile version of CityVille, and I told them NO! I CAN'T PLAY GAMES LIKE THIS! D:<

It makes PonyVonce cry.

I still have my laptop so I'm using that for now. I'm still trying to get use to the Nook. I wondering though if I can use a stylus with it? That would make me a whole lot happier with it.