Saturday, October 27, 2012

*Sniffles* >:P

Mr. Vonce is sick again. He's got a totally not cool cold bro.

So he's been stuck in bed for the past few day. While in bed he did the only thing he could do...draw pron! xD

So here we have some sketches of Vonce in two different forms. One in his current-familiar form and the other his future, older form. Originally Vonce was supposed to be some sort of celestial/god-like dragon (cuz that was SO AWESOME and UNHEARD OF when I made him in high school xD). And he still is for the most part. I've been trying to come up with a background story for him, who he is, where did he come from, etc.. 

I also been trying to come up with some of his relatives :D

Here we have some rough sketches of Vonce's daddy. He looks a little too much like Vonce but hey, there should be some resemblance right? xD V's dad isn't really a new character. He's been around in my mind for a while, I just couldn't decide on what he should look like. 

So we know Vonce is a god-like dragon, so that means his dad is one too! :D His dad is the supreme god on his dragon home world. Dad kicked out Vonce---err, sent him on his own DESTINY FINDING JOURNEY ADVENTURE so he could develop his godly powers---and that's how he ended up on Earth or something. :D


Hey, I'm no writer. I'm just a lazy sick furry artist. :P


Monday, October 15, 2012

Of churches, apples, and horses

So BGN was out and about this morning...

I went up to Chimayo (just east of Espanola) to take some pictures of the church up there, the Santuraio de Chimayo.

I needed some new reference pics of the church and this morning was perfect for taking pictures. The lighting and colors just look so nice in the morning light. I needed some new pics because I am going to update a older drawing I made featuring the church, Moonlight Song. So I got me some good shots of the church AND of something else too...

Right below the church is small field were a horse lives. This horse as been in this field for a few years. He's very social, always sticking his head over the fence interacting with visitors who walk from the parking lot by the field up to the church.

On my way back to the car I stopped and took some pics, and he came over and said hi to me. :D

He poked his head over and I got to pet him. He even started licking my hand. xD

While I was there, his owner came by and gave him his breakfast, fresh apples from his orchard. I chatted with him and even bought some apples from him too.

Two years ago I made a pic featuring a anthro horse based on him, seen in Out by the Pool on FA. I had a little contest this morning on twitter seeing if people could find him. A few people thought he was Susan but nope, it wasn't him. (though I have to admit my pic of Susan does look more like him than the horse in the pool pic xD )

Now if only I could get closer to the wild ones down in Placitas... xD


Up and Away

This past week was the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque! 

The Balloon Fiesta is one of (if not the biggest) events for New Mexico. So many people come from all over the country and the world for this. You would think that just standing around watching hot air balloons taking off would be kind of...well, boring. xD But its not. It's memorizing! D: You just want to storm the nearest balloon and hop in the basket and take off! xD If you ever need to go on vacation in October come to Albuquerque! You don't want to miss this.

Aside from all the cool colors and shapes of the balloons, one of the coolest things I saw there were these two people using just chairs attached to their balloon. They're all like "SCREW BASKETS, WE'RE HARD CORE BALLOONISTS BITCHEZ." xD

The morning ascension is one of the major highlights of the fiesta. They do it each morning unless the weather isn't good (which it did turn ugly on Friday so they had to cancel it). In the evenings after sunset they will do a  balloon glow, in which they blow up their balloons but don't take off. They stay on the ground lighting them up. All my balloon glow pics are on my phone! xD I'll have to upload those later.

Hopefully I'll get to go again next year. I may even try to get a ride in one of the balloons too. :D (but only in one that has a basket xD)