Friday, January 28, 2011


Uh oh... look who got a page on Facebook...

xD Why did Vonce get on Facebook? He got on only so he could play CityVille. Thats it. Really.
I made this page only to play CityVille, because my computer that has SimCity and CitiesXL is down at my new house, which I miss very very much D: and I needed something to entertain me. Its not the best but its okay. It sure kept me busy Wednesday and Thursday, when I was at a Realtor's conference in Santa Fe.

The conference was held at the Inn and Spa at Loretto, where the only parking on the lot is Valet, and you have to pay $6.00 for it too. I only it did it once on Wednesday, and Thursday I parked down the street at a parking meter, paying only $4.75 :D One thing nice about Loretto is that they have fast and free Wifi. So if you're in Santa Fe and need free internet, just go to Loretto and chill out in the bar area.

Now I didn't waste all my time playing CityVille at the conference (it should be noted I was only there to carry things around for someone xD). I worked on a new page for my "New Message" comic.

This next page isn't a serious plot point to the whole story, its really just a filler page to keep things moving, until I can get the next real page or chapter finished (the sketchy rough draft is four pages, and I'm trying to figure out how to edit it so it can fit into one or two pages xD).

Thats all for now. ; )


*Oh, and if you want you can add Vonce as a friend on Facebook. I promise I won't bug you to help me on CityVille xD

Monday, January 24, 2011

Post 1O1

Its Blog Time again! xD

Today I got back from a weekend in Rio Rancho/Albuquerque. I went so I could take a few more things down to the house. My desktop pc was one of the things that got moved down there.

So now I only have my laptop with me. Which is okay because I use it more than my desktop. I still miss it already because I use it to scan my drawings that I then transfer to my laptop to color. xD Luckily, I have a extra computer my mother got from work that will work until I make the final move.

Both Saturday and Sunday me and my sister went cruising around ABQ. We mostly went shopping but we did go down to Tingley Beach and threw food at some geese and ducks xD


Monday, January 17, 2011

Post 1OO

First post of the new Year!

Say hello to this new version of Vonce. This isn't a redesign of Vonce thats permanent, just a temporary look. This version is supposed to be Vonce's dark side, or evil side. He isn't completely evil, but more of a prankster. I haven't decided yet whether this is good Vonce turned bad or maybe a manifestation of his dark side, which has locked away good Vonce somewhere....or....another idea I experiment gone wrong done by a certain shark scientist >:D

Moving on....literally... xD

I finally got a bed for my room at my new house. I got it from my aunt and uncle this Sunday and got it in the house later in the afternoon (not bad considering me and my dad had to bring it all the way from Espanola to Rio Rancho). Its a queen sized bed but I'm afraid its a little too big for my room. xD It fits but I won't have much space for other things now.

All I need to bring down next is my desktop computer, a few toys xD, and some clothes, and I'll be ready..........but, I still need to find a job. But, thats next on the list since I've gotten most of my things moved in, so I don't need to worry about moving junk anymore.

I'm moving forward....and its feels great. Scary because I don't know how I'll survive in a new place and job, but I'm really looking forward because it will be a new chapter in my life, a new-fresh start in a way...

So, lets hope this New Year goes well not just for me, but for you too. ; )
We've come this far but will still have a long way to go.

Happy New Year!