Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quit my job at Sitel

BGN quit his job at Sitel today.

I was a reservation specialist for Choice Hotels at Sitel for 3 months (that won't look good on my resume xD). The reason I quit was (1) I wasn't very happy there, kinda stressful job...and (2) I was about to be forced out of Choice Hotels and into a new campaign.

Sitel got a contract with Walmart to start a customer support center for their website, so they needed people for this new campaign and started offering jobs to people already working at Sitel about a month or so ago. I wasn't interested in it so I didn't put a application in. Now, just last week I got word that they still needed 3 more people to be in Walmart's campaign and so they would start pulling people out of other campaigns at Sitel (Choice, Starbucks and DirectTV all have customer support campaigns here), regardless if you wanted to stay where you were at or not.

And I got picked.

I did not want to be moved out of Choice Hotels. I was happy (sort of xD) where I was and I really didn't want to be moved. I figured I would be able to to say "Hey, thanks but no thanks," but nope, I didn't have any say in the matter and today when they had me come in and sign a new application letter with HR I told them what I thought about it. So I quit.

I wasn't planning on staying at Sitel for very long but I didn't think I would be leaving this early.

So it looks like we won't be seeing anymore "Sketches made at Work" for a while xD
Below is one of the two last sketches I made at Sitel. I doodled them yesterday actually.

First one is of Jumeiras with my new Werewolf character (Biggens is there on the side of him). This is an idea for a Halloween pic for Ygal. Second one was of Rex being Rex.

Thats all for now.
I'm gonna try to go relax before I have to go back on a job-hunting quest. xD


Monday, October 24, 2011

More Sketches from Work

More doodles from a bored reservation specialist xD

Mr. Biggens driving mon auto.

Biggs and Jumeiras.

Jessee and Elijah.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mile High Post

Its Thursday! BGN is off on Thursdays! :D BGN didn't do anything today! He wasted the whole day!

Not entirely so. xD
I am making this post so that counts as something. Anyways, today we have a few sketches of the Denver Bronco's mascot, Miles.

This first sketch shows me at work. On Sunday and Monday DirectTV (they're in the same building with Choice Hotels, along with Starbucks) lets us watch some FOOTBALL (sorry, American FOOTBALL xD) and so I get to see some awesome big bouncy bulges on some of the football players (and there are some good ass shots in slow-mo too).

This next one was made today while I was at a laundromat washing some clothes.

I've been wanting to do a laundromat pic for a while but I couldn't figure out which guy I wanted to use. Luckily Miles was free and I was able to get him in. xD

May post these on FA too. Not sure yet.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Post

Woooo. Its Friday and I'm ready for the weekend! Weekend! Weekend!Weekend!
(even though I have to work weekends D:) Anyway!

 I've been trying to get into drawing all my old/first characters. I have a lot of guys that don't get enough spotlight or screen-time so I'm trying to bring them back out. xD

(bgn's original fag four xD, Parr, Felix, Mike, and Rex)

And today we close with a image of Google Image search. I was searching for pics of Kimahri costumes/cosplay and I came across one of my own drawings of him. xD

That image of him is actually right here on my blog.

Now why didn't it find all the other drawings I've made of him? xD