Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cousin Gilbert

-Text Message from Unknown Caller @ 1:48 pm:

Hey cuz?

-BGN @ 1:50 pm:

I might be a cuz. Who's this?

-Unknown caller @ 1:51 pm:

This is Cody you ass

-BGN @ 1:54 pm:

Well, I don't know any Codys in my family so you must have the wrong number. xD

-Unknown Caller @ 2:03 pm:

This is Gilbert right?

-BGN @ 2:06 pm:

Nope. This is Vincent of Espanola, NM

-Unknown Caller @ 2:07 pm:

Oh my bad dude I thought this was my cousin

-BGN @ 2:11 pm:

Hey man no worries here. ; ) Hope you find him.


don't you just love wrong numbers?


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