Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mystery Sloved!

Remember the previous post with a pile of paper sacks in my living room?

Well now we find out what that was all about!

All those sacks are were filled with a little bit of sand and had a candle placed in it. These sand and candle filled sacks are known as "Farolitos." They are bascially simple yet elegant christmas lights/decorations that pop up all over the southwestern U.S. around Christmas time. They have other names like "Luminaries" or as we like to call them, "Bagolitos" (bag-o-litos! xD)

The reason why there was so many on my floor was my dad and his friends were making some to decorate a part of town. (see my other post for more info:

Here are ome of the bags. We had about 900 of them.

On some of the bags we let people right names to honor family and friends.

Some of the bags all lit up.

These pictures don't do them justice. xD

Its my little brother helping out. ;D

Some shots of BGN helping out too!

What an ugly beast. xD
So now you know! ;D
If you are looking for something nice and easy(and something different) to try out this Christmas why not try making a few Farolitos?


  1. Hah, interesting end to the mystery. And quite a cool concept as well. Do the bags have holes in them somewhere to let in fresh air so the candles don't smother? Also a little surprised the tops of the bags don't ignite.

  2. The only opening is the top of the bag, which is folded down to stay open. These will stay lit for most of the night, and its normal to see a few still going way into the morning.