Friday, January 15, 2010

Of Dragons & Lemons

What does BGN have for us today?


Here is a sketch of our favorite prime minister, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, enjoying a book along with Paresepe.

This sketch was sort of inspired by an older sketch made in 2006. It features Parr buying some lemons at a supermarket.

The lemons, and Ms. Suu Kyi for that matter, are all references to the band U2. BGN happens to be a big U2 fan so its no surprise that you will see U2 references in a lot of his work. Its not just in his work too, for example, in the description for the submission (on FA and DA) there are lyrics from the song "Walk On," a song dedicated to Ms. Suu Kyi.

On FA, the submission has a misleading thumbnail to lure in viewers.
(below is a slightly altered version)


  1. loving it,
    i soo need to borrow the 2 models on the last drawing,
    you did great ^_^

  2. i like the second one the most, gives kind of a childish feeling of the small dragon peering up at the cash register waiting for the attendent to hand him the lemons he had just bought. cute dragon btw