Friday, May 7, 2010

Partied Hard

BGN's birthday was April 30th. Hes now 21 and can now go into the casinos without being thrown out buy security. xD

BGN isn't the only one who just turned 21. Biggens also had his 21st birthday too.

So here we have Biggens and Draemen* on the couch, Fujin on the floor under a Twister mat, all crashed out after the party from the previous night. Jumeiras is the only one up and is trying to clean up the mess they made.

*If you're wondering why Draemen has horns (and a bush like Biggens xD) its because he got into Biggens' demon dip (he still has the bowl of chips in his hands). He ate too much of it and so hes sort of turning into a demon, or more specifically, a Krampus.

Drae turning into a Krampus comes from another picture I failed to finish. xD This one was going to be a Christmas picture. The story behind it was everyone had to be something for the Christmas picture, and Drae was going to be the Krampus.

Its a neat idea that I like. I think I will save it for Christmas this year.


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