Thursday, July 1, 2010

At Home (sort of xD)

This here is the room I will be using when I go over and house-sit for some Friends for the next couple of days. Its a nice little room, but the bed is not something to be desired. xD I tried sleeping on it last night. And thats what I did. I tried to sleep. xD Its a small little narrow bed thats hard as a rock. I feel bad for whoever comes over and sleeps in here. xD

So I've been tired and lazy all day. Just dragging tail all over the place.

Seeing the Chickens in the backyard was a pleasant sight though. They started my day off good.

Awww Chickens are sooo cute! I would pick one up and hug one if they wouldn't scratch me to death. xD

I think I will sleep in the master bedroom next time I go over. I didn't want to even though the folks said I could. (They also have a pull out couch that they said I could use too, but I think I will stick to the bed)

I will still be using the guest room though, because its just nice to sit in there, and its where I can plug into the Internet. xD (its also a good place to put Oatmeal and Kimahri, because there are cats and dogs here, and the guest room is off limits to them)


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  1. aww. have you picked out a chicken that reminds you of biggums yet?