Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy Train!

Today BGN went on a Train ride!
BGN and his little brother took a ride on the New Mexico Rail-Runner. The Rail-Runner is a passenger train that runs from Santa Fe to Belen, while making stops in between like Albuquerque and Bernalillo.

(the Santa Fe Depot---this pic is actually from the return trip xD)

The train has an interesting path in some parts. When coming out of Santa Fe it runs right down the middle of Interstate 25. Its fun to watch all the cars you pass cuz some people will wave at you.

Below is BGN's little brother Brandon....and Kimahri?

Yup, Kimahri came along for the ride too. xD

The reason we took the Rail-Runner was to go and visit our older sister Amy in ALBQ for the day.

(the sister in question at Denny's)

(Kimahri is ready to order!)

Its so nice when you can get Pancakes for lunch ;D
Mmmm....I'm going to be thinking about those pancakes for a while now...


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