Saturday, August 20, 2011


BGN decided to go on a road trip yesterday to visit his parents in Espanola...

...and he made it halfway there. xD

My El Camino overheated coming up La Bajada Hill outside Santa Fe on I-25. Turns out my water pump gave out and so I lost all my water causing the car to overheat. Luckily I was able to get a hold of my dad to come help me out. We managed to get the car into Santa Fe and to an AutoZone and were able to buy a replacement part. I made it to my parents house okay after that, but when I was getting ready to head back to ABQ later that night my battery decided to give out. It just wasn't my day yesterday... xD

It was too late to do anything so I just spent the night there at home in my old room. In the morning my dad got a new battery and now the car works okay. I made it back down to Albuquerque without any problems.

And Since I was in Espanola I decided to stop at my favorite Lotaburger for a breakfast burrito.

I hadn't had one in a long time. D: It was gooooooooooooood. :D



  1. Sexy pic at the end. As usual. =P

  2. Hard to have the whottaburger without thinking of whottalizard *proudly shows off his BGN inspired body* :D