Saturday, January 14, 2012


So today I went to meet my sister Amy for lunch. We had some time to kill before she went back to work so we went over to Toys R' Us....which we never should have done. xD

We came out with toys oddly enough. Amy got a cute fuzzy owl and I got a horse. Later in the day I started to think...."I should get him a little cowboy hat...he could be Braeburn!" :D

And one trip to Hobby Lobby later....

...I have an unofficial Braeburn toy! :D

I was going to work on it myself but Amy took over (she was having too much fun)

So now we are trying to decide who we should make next. All we know is we're going back to Toys R' Us tomorrow to look for more horses. xD



  1. This must be the more cute, sweet and awsome thng I ever saw! >:D I just lvoe the way you expend time with toys (LUV the Khimari bear!).
    I think that someone with playfull attitude is sexy >:F