Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nooking Around

So Mr. BGN got his hooves on a Nook.

My aunt let me borrow it while I help her out with her work.

Its a neat little thing. Not really much I can do on it other than surf the internet and check email...or read books (but I prefer to have a real/hard copy of a book). Can't draw on it like my laptop (unless theres an app for drawing out there somewhere).

I can sort of play CityVille but I can't see my city! D:< I remember I took a poll a few months back about playing a *watered down* mobile version of CityVille, and I told them NO! I CAN'T PLAY GAMES LIKE THIS! D:<

It makes PonyVonce cry.

I still have my laptop so I'm using that for now. I'm still trying to get use to the Nook. I wondering though if I can use a stylus with it? That would make me a whole lot happier with it.



  1. Wait and see what the Kindle Fire 2 (Not actual name) is like. I'm interested to see what they come up with to no doubt top what Apple did (threw in a new processor, buffed the screen and tacked a 3 on, lulz). I'm on the fence about getting a tablet, especially now that I got a smartphone, but being able to read at night without a light and not have to prop open a 300 page book would be hella nice.

  2. Just wait until Cyanogenmod is available for the Nook :P http://www.pcworld.com/article/249379/cyanogenmod_7_root_gives_nook_tablet_extra_functionality.html

  3. People want computers to act more like tablets and tablets to work more like computers, and both of them to just work :-p There's still a big gap in processing power, input sensitivity, memory size, affordability… it may yet still be a decade before they are the ubiquitous PADD you see on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which after all were just wood mockups with decals stuck to them.