Thursday, July 26, 2012

When it rains, it turtles

Well surprise surprise! Look who it is! It's been a while since we've had an update or sorts. So lets fix that! And just how will we fix that? Why, with PONY of course! :D

So to start off, we have a new character, named Brae-Ein. He will be making an appearance in a new little comic I'm working on that will also be featuring me!

 With me being my usual self, on my epic quest to grope a horse. I may just do it this time! 

Moving on we have an interesting sketch book. Anyone happen to know who it may belong too? ;D

This book came from my buddy Unktehila (aka BearPaws ). I'll be filling up his custom sketchbook with lots ol' Iksar tomfoolery (tomfoolery that you can only find with BGN xD).

And to finish off today's post we have some pics of a turtle that lives in our backyard. The turtle only comes out when it rains and we've been getting some rainstorms this month (our monsoon season is well under way). He was out on our front porch yesterday scooting around. Our Kitty Wally didn't seem to interested strangely enough. (must know its that rock with legs that doesn't do anything xD)

Thats all for today! Hopefully we'll see some more posts soon!



  1. So... we just mail you a sketchbook and you would draw in it? :O

  2. Are you making me into a pony? *flattered* ;)--P I saw Brae-Ein...very hot! You can grope my pony any time *evil grin*

    Hope all is well! Tolkienfan37