Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Posting

Sorry BGN hasn't been updating his blog lately. He's been busy fighting runaway urban growth these past few weeks. (Even though SimCity is full of glitches, it is kinda fun :D)

Anyways. hello loyal blog followers! xD
Once again it's time for another post detailing the strange things that go on in BGN's life. :D

To start off we have some sketches of BGN's characters...as humans?

Just today I got this great idea to do human versions for a few of my characters (Well, it seemed great to me anyways xD). This came from me trying to figure out what would be a good April 1st pic. Rather than just picking on Todex I decided to pick on everyone this year. 

If you don't know who the two are down in the bottom right corner then you need to watch more BGN xD

It was kinda tricky doing a few of them. A few of them are based on real people and it was hard trying to draw them, or get them to look like the persons they're based on (Mainly Jaq and Stanley). Hopefully they'll come out a little better when I do the full piece. 

Moving on we have some interesting gifts I've received these past few days. I've gotten everything from video games to suggestive postcards from France, to a weeks worth of free lunch coupons. xD 

Not only have I gotten gifts in the mail, I've gotten some great art gifts from folks online too!  

My birthday isn't till the end of next month but jeez. Maybe I should bake a cake and celebrate early. xD 

And that's about it for this post. :D Thanks for reading! And hopefully this will be updated again fairly soon. :B

Thanks for reading! : )


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