Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Mad(DON'T SAY IT! xD)

Its been a while since I've posted something on here. Been busy moving around the state and whatnot. : P So to keep things moving along here are some dragon doodles!

First we have some dragons from a little project I'm working on for Mr. Zsisron. ;D

And our last pic for today is just a simple urban landscape scene.

Thats all for today!



  1. Very good looking Spore creature and very nice dragon derivative, definitely approve of the male bits attachment ;-) I've only had a bit of time with the free Creature Creator, but after paying for Spore, do you really feel it's that creative of a program, or just has a variety of weirdness you can toss together so the creatures just end up looking a certain variety of cute/weird?

  2. I love your Spore creature, and I would want him . . if I had Spore. I need that game.

    Also, I love the "got land" sign.

  3. Nice pictures, dude. Keep it up. ;)