Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moved Out and In

Its official. I'm now living in Rio Rancho!

Moved out of my room (though it still is full of junk xD didn't even make a dent)
Got lots of Good bye hugs from my mom (me and her in the pic on the right)

Said Good Bye to my poor little doggy Bruiser (I'm going to miss him a lot :( )
I'm going to have to come back just to take him for walks (and probably feed him if my parents forget to---which they have done before xD)

So now I'm all settled in.

Got my closet all full of clothes (and other "naughty" things xD mostly in that paper box up there)

And my room is full of old and new stuffed friends.

So now the only thing to do is find a job. :D
(and get the internet that way I don't have to go to McDonalds to use it---like I am now xD)



  1. Glad to see you moved in, Vonce. =)

  2. Have fun in the new home.

    . . . I want to steal your Kimahri plush.