Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Post

Woooo. Its Friday and I'm ready for the weekend! Weekend! Weekend!Weekend!
(even though I have to work weekends D:) Anyway!

 I've been trying to get into drawing all my old/first characters. I have a lot of guys that don't get enough spotlight or screen-time so I'm trying to bring them back out. xD

(bgn's original fag four xD, Parr, Felix, Mike, and Rex)

And today we close with a image of Google Image search. I was searching for pics of Kimahri costumes/cosplay and I came across one of my own drawings of him. xD

That image of him is actually right here on my blog.

Now why didn't it find all the other drawings I've made of him? xD



  1. D'aaaaaw~ I find the second picture adorable. :3

    Even if their dicks are resting on top of each other. >:]

  2. Page 28, and Pages 33-35 without safe search. None, however, actually linking back to your site.

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  4. And that is why I wish it didn't auto sign-in to my Google account.

    As I was saying, all other sitings are of only one image, though.

  5. That looked like a google search of the web, finding Kimmy attributed to someone not you… was a bit confused with the other name shown in the tooltip...