Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mile High Post

Its Thursday! BGN is off on Thursdays! :D BGN didn't do anything today! He wasted the whole day!

Not entirely so. xD
I am making this post so that counts as something. Anyways, today we have a few sketches of the Denver Bronco's mascot, Miles.

This first sketch shows me at work. On Sunday and Monday DirectTV (they're in the same building with Choice Hotels, along with Starbucks) lets us watch some FOOTBALL (sorry, American FOOTBALL xD) and so I get to see some awesome big bouncy bulges on some of the football players (and there are some good ass shots in slow-mo too).

This next one was made today while I was at a laundromat washing some clothes.

I've been wanting to do a laundromat pic for a while but I couldn't figure out which guy I wanted to use. Luckily Miles was free and I was able to get him in. xD

May post these on FA too. Not sure yet.



  1. Wish people (The sexy ones!) would actually walk around with only their undies around the laundromat. x]

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