Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scene's from home

So BGN went back home to Espanola yesterday.

I went up for my little brother's birthday and to have my car worked on. I stayed for the night so I got to sleep in my old bedroom once more! :D It hasn't changed to much other than its a tiny-tiny bit cleaner xD

Sill got lots of toys all over the place. I wanted to bring some of them with me but I couldn't decide which ones I wanted (because they are all too AWESOME xD Todd McFarlane has the best toys with the best bulges! xD) I ended up taking some Angemon toys with me of all things. What the hell was a I thinking? D:

Oh well, they'll still be there the next time I come up.

Speaking of things that are still there in my room, this bug! xD Ever since I moved into my room (about 6 years ago) this bug (or type of bug) has been in there. I don't know what type of bug it is or why it likes my room so much but it was nice to see him again. xD

And before I left for my home back in Rio Rancho I got to drive my mom's Mustang to get some lunch. I forgot she had a My Little Pony toy hanging from the mirror! xD I think my mom was a brony before I was! xD

Also, last night I had a dream....and Todex was in it.


I don't think I'll be able to sleep anymore. xD



  1. "Hey, who's that?! :D"

    That just made me smile.

  2. that's a stink bug.I'd be wary.

  3. I heard a song on my XM radio today called "New Mexico, Land of Magic". Thought of you.

  4. oh come one digimon isnt that bad at all :D
    and wooow i thought i was the only one who still got the digimon figure with the skate board :D