Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick and Drawing


(Okay, moving on xD)

So, I've been sick these past few days. Think I may a cold but HOLY COW it knocked me out of the loop. I stayed on my bed for most of the day Wednesday. While I was in bed I decided to doodle in one of my many empty sketch books that I've collected over the years (Poor things, never getting used xD).

So to start off I started to doodle one of my first characters, Mike. He's a lizard/alien guy (just like most of my guys xD) who's a secret agent for a CIA/MI6 agency on a far off planet (think James Bond and Han Solo).

Its been a while since I've drawn him so I was trying to update his look (all my sketches on the right side of the pic). On the left side of the page we see Felix and Rex (and possibly Vonce in the back).

The next page we have more (or all) of my first characters. These are the guys that I would draw day in day out back in High School (If I can I'll see if I can upload some of the old sketches of them).  Also, you may notice a guy on the right, Vincent. He was another of my alternate selfs (before Vonce believe it or not xD).

Next we have some sketches of Felix (trying figure out how to draw his head exactly) and some sketches of the new BGN kids, Biggens, Red, Jumeiras, and Draemen.

Thats all for today. D: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! This new way of editing blog posts is confusing! I can't format these things like I use too---which is way everything looks strange today xD. Way to go Google >:P



  1. Woah I see a new challenger! You have a great selection of characters, Vonce! Although I think Rex deserves more love, maybe Mark can help with that ;-)

    Get better soon, man!