Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cruizn' down Memory Lane

So, BGN went on a little trip up to Espanola yesterday. :D

I went back to my parents home to get a few things to bring back down to Rio Rancho. I mostly went to get my SimCity 4 Rush Hour disc but I did get a few other things. xD However, there were some things that I wanted to bring that didn't fit in my car >:

For Example, my first El Camino! D: I MISS IT (even if doesn't run well xD).

and my big FAT KITTY LIYA! Oh shes sooooo fat xD She's such a snugglely kitty too.

Some other things that I would like to bring are all my old sketches. Man, I have a BUTT LOAD of them. xD And they're just laying all over my old room too so I need to do something with them.

So those were a few of my more recent sketches. Now, the older, the good stuff (or horrible stuff xD), the HOLY GRAIL of BGN, is in this Office Depot Box. In this box you'll find all my first sketches of all my characters and my first attempts of drawing anthro characters. Its strange but I really like all these old sketches waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than all my newer work. xD

Whenever I get a chance I'm going to bring them down and scan every one in. Maybe even repost a few of them. There's some really good stuff in there that I'd like to come back to.

So thats all for today. For now I'm going to go play SimCity 4. :D


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  1. Goes to show just how much practice makes your kind of perfect XD