Monday, January 17, 2011

Post 1OO

First post of the new Year!

Say hello to this new version of Vonce. This isn't a redesign of Vonce thats permanent, just a temporary look. This version is supposed to be Vonce's dark side, or evil side. He isn't completely evil, but more of a prankster. I haven't decided yet whether this is good Vonce turned bad or maybe a manifestation of his dark side, which has locked away good Vonce somewhere....or....another idea I experiment gone wrong done by a certain shark scientist >:D

Moving on....literally... xD

I finally got a bed for my room at my new house. I got it from my aunt and uncle this Sunday and got it in the house later in the afternoon (not bad considering me and my dad had to bring it all the way from Espanola to Rio Rancho). Its a queen sized bed but I'm afraid its a little too big for my room. xD It fits but I won't have much space for other things now.

All I need to bring down next is my desktop computer, a few toys xD, and some clothes, and I'll be ready..........but, I still need to find a job. But, thats next on the list since I've gotten most of my things moved in, so I don't need to worry about moving junk anymore.

I'm moving forward....and its feels great. Scary because I don't know how I'll survive in a new place and job, but I'm really looking forward because it will be a new chapter in my life, a new-fresh start in a way...

So, lets hope this New Year goes well not just for me, but for you too. ; )
We've come this far but will still have a long way to go.

Happy New Year!


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