Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February hops along...

No kidding huh? xD

So about a week or so ago I was down at the State Capitol complex in Santa Fe. I had to go the Motor Vehicle Division's state office to pick up a Deactivation Title for a mobile home property we're trying to sell at work. While I was there a guy came in looking to get some help getting his driver's license. He apparently just moved to New Mexico, and by judging from his deep accent, he must have come moved all the way from Australia (or Ireland xD Not really sure. I'm just going with Australia though xD)

He was a good looking guy thats for sure. Kind of a short little guy, but he wasn't no push over. He was the kind of guy that I wanted to remember*, so I decided to do a drawing of him. While I was at it I decided to do an anthro version too. I decided to make him a Kangaroo (since I haven't done one yet)

*not because I'm a sick pervert xD No no, I enjoy seeing people from far away places, hearing their stories and what they've done. Thats one thing I like about working at a Real Estate office. We get some colorful people from time to time.

I don't remember his real name but for now I'll call him Rudy.

Rudy seems fitting don't you think? ;D



  1. Hahah, you even made his junk "correct" by putting the balls above the dick, awesome. 8D

  2. Onyx and I were thinking the same thing.