Tuesday, September 21, 2010

February 1st, 1999...

...Thats today's date!

Or that's the date on my little alarm clock. A few years ago I bought this cool little clock that looks like a mini iMac G3. It kept me right on time, until recently that is. A month or so ago it reset itself, starting back at Jan. 1st, 1999. I don't know if 2010 was as fair as it could go or it just had a freak out, either way I decided not to set it back to the current date. (fun fact: its roughly 84° F during the day in my room xD ugh. toooo hot!)



  1. I turned 8 years old on that date :B

  2. I was 40 (birthday later on in the year) back then. I wasn't too worried about the millennium, honestly. Paid it little to no mind. I knew that traffic lights and medical equipment weren't running Windows, so basically we were safe from the downfall of Western civilization. :-p