Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello, Dolly.....

Hey, Kimahri found a friend...

Except he might want to be careful with this one...

*Note: for some reason this pic is not loading at the full resolution. You can view it here in the mean time.

...cuz she is bigger than him. xD

This here is a Gene doll my dear sweet Mother got off ebay (we're a family of ebay freaks xD). She has a little collection of Gene Dolls thats been growing over the years. These aren't your regular Barbie dolls, they are very "High Class" dolls and aren't meant to be played with, which is kinda sad because I could really take a lot of funny and inappropriate pics with them xD.

Even as I took these my mom was watching me...cautiously. xD


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  1. My mother collects these as well, you should see her collection lol.