Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today BGN went to a Realtor's Convention at the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Pojoaque, NM.

This wasn't a very big convention. Around 200 Realtor members from around the state attended so far (200 out of 6,000 members in the entire state). There wasn't much for me to do since I'm not a Realtor myself....I'm just an "assistant." xD I just went along to help my Grandmother (who is a Realtor) and my aunt who works at the state realtor's office. So while I was there I wondered around the hotel and took some pics.

-Buffalo Thunder is the Pueblo of Pojoaque's 3rd Casino....the THIRD ONE! xD Theres 2 other-older casinos that were built before this one. The other two are the ones the locals go to while this one, which is described as being in Santa Fe when its actually about 20 miles north of it, is more aimed for the tourists.

(BGN sure likes taking pictures of himself xD)

I also made the mistake of going into the gift-shop too. xDDD I bought a cute little fuzzy "bison" that I totally didn't need. I decided to call him "Thunder" after the name of the resort (kinda cheesy but oh well xD)


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