Monday, September 6, 2010

Gone Shopping

Well, I don't really have any new art to show so I'll just show you all what I bought yesterday! xD

I went on a little shopping spree yesterday since I figured I won't be buying a new computer anytime soon (see my journal on FA) so I bought me a few things. I bought a new grey shirt, two toy cars, and a lion.

I bought the race truck official from Cars (who I've been dying to have ever since the movie came out) and a mini Ironhide from Transformers. ( I have major hots for him xD I expect to have some very saucy pics of Ironhide soon xDDD)

I also bought a lion. I have to blame my sister for making me buy it. xD (she went along with me yesterday). He was too cute to pass up, and for only $10 how could I not get him? I've decided to call him "Huxley" (after a another lion named Huxley ;D wink wink)


1 comment:

  1. I've had that exact same lion since about 5 years ago. He really is adorable. ^.^